The Shawl, By Cynthia Ozick

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Between 1941 and 1945, over six million Jews were victims of the Holocaust, an attempt by the German Nazis to exterminate the Jewish race. (Holocaust “The Basics”). Adolf Hitler, the leader of Germany, thought the Jews were the reason that Germany lost World War I (Jews in Nazi Germany- History Learning Site). Hitler blamed them for almost all of Germany’s problems and he wanted to exterminate the entire Jewish population. “The Shawl”, written by Cynthia Ozick, tells one of the many horrifying stories from the Holocaust. The story has three main characters: the young mother Rosa, her baby Magda, and her fourteen-year-old niece Stella. They were victims of the Holocaust who had an awful experience in the Nazi concentration camps. Whenever the holocaust victims had to march to different concentration camps, people who could not walk on their own in a line were shot on the spot, including infants. Rosa protects Magda by hiding her in a “magic shawl,” but Stella selfishly takes away the shawl, leading to Magda’s death. Through the characters of Stella, Rosa, and Magda, Cynthia Ozick shows the desperation and inhumanity that resulted when the Holocaust victims were denied of their basic human rights. “The Shawl” is set late in World War II when the Allied forces were beginning to penetrate into Germany itself. During the Holocaust, the Nazis denied the Jews’ basic human rights, violating their rights to life, liberty, and property. Hitler said it was not enough for the Jews to
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