The Shawshank Redemption By Stephen King Essay

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Introduction “The Shawshank Redemption” is a movie based on novel by Stephen King novel. It is a prison for people convicted in serious crime. It is a story about prison, prisoners, and staff. Main characters in movie are Andy Dufresne who was a successful banker wrongfully convicted double life sentence in murder of his wife and her lover in 1940s, Ellis Boyd ‘Red’ Redding a man who already spent 20 years in prison and had a reputation for getting anything a prisoner wanted and Warden Samuel Norton was a Christian man who publicize his Bible but rule Shawshank with an iron fist. The film shows many bitter experiences that prisoners have once they enter jail and also during their retribution term, attitude of authorities and other prisoners. Watching movie with a business analyst lens we insight different angle of leadership, motivation, culture ethics. Problem Identification  Attitude of warden towards prisoners and staff members.  Lack of training to the staff.  Abuse prevention and safety of Prisoners.  Corruption, bribery between staff and prisoners.  Lack of motivation. Approach Roles Aby : Researcher- Good Knowledge about internet & movies Tim : Analyst – Good in analysing contents Tamanna : Typist - Having a good speed in typing Ravinder : Leader -Have a good leadership & knowledge Bhoomit : Researcher- Good in General Knowledge Time frame
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