The Shawshank Redemption Vs The Ohio State Reformatory

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Do you want to see an emotional movie? If you want it you need to see 'The shawshank Redemption'. The director is Frank Darabont. The location is win Ohio, United States. The film is about crime and drama. It was nominated to 28 different awards but won just 15. The leading actors are Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman. It lasts 142 minutes.
This movie is about two men in a reformatory and they have hope to go out. The story is in The Ohio State Reformatory. Thus guys get the respect of the prisoners and they are like kings. For a long time, they try to escape. One day Ellis Boyd (Morgan Freeman) can escape, before he escapes they say a place of meeting when both are out. When Andy Dufresne (Tom Robbins) escapes and goes to the place Ellis has
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