The Shelby County School System 's Goals

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The Shelby County School system’s goals are more ambitious than any previously set. With the 10-year strategic plan, Destination 2025, designed to enhance the quality of education most accessible to students within Memphis and surrounding counties, if successful it will not only benefit students, but the community as a whole.
Target Market Destination 2025 outlines several goals that SCS hopes to achieve. Those goals are as follows, 80% of seniors will be on track to learn in a post-secondary classroom or enter the workforce straight out of high school, nearly twice as many as in 2014; 90% of students will earn their high school diploma on time compared to just 68% in 2014; and every college or career-ready graduate in the class of 2025 will enroll in a post-secondary opportunity. With these goal targeting specific age groups and grades, the impact will be greatly seen. Parents, community members, and teachers alike are joining forces to ensure that the perfect level of high-leverage priorities are set in place to better focus on achieving the goals set forth. There is a 10 year gap between SCS standards now and standards in 2025, but those teaming up are making it known that it is important to have all efforts and resources evenly spaced out to guarantee early literacy, post-secondary readiness, teacher and staff development, high quality schools, and community engagement.
Size of Target Market
According to enrollment figures of fiscal year 2014-2015, of the 260 schools…
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