The Sherlock Holmes Detective Stories Essay

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For over one hundred years, the Sherlock Holmes detective stories have entertained the world, from the original penny comic stories, to the books and films that followed. Sherlock Holmes is one of the greatest fictional detectives ever created and arguably the most famous. However, he isn’t just a great detective. He is also a chemist, a violinist, and a master swordsman. Sherlock is mostly famous for his power of deduction, power of observation, special skills, power of imagination, and a wide range of knowledge. Holmes uses his powers to solve the crime and remain unforgettable to his readers.
Sherlock Holmes was at first made a fictional private detective by author, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Sherlock Holmes is known as a "consulting detective", and in his stories, he is known for his excellent observation, scientific skills and deductive reasoning that is beyond fantastic. Sherlock Holmes first appeared in print in 1887 (in “A Study in Scarlet”). Ever since then, this character 's popularity became phenomenal, beginning with "A Scandal in Bohemia" in 1891. Additional stories of Sherlock Holmes began appearing from then to 1927, making a total of four novels and 56 short stories. Most of the stories are narrated by Holmes 's known best friend, Dr. Watson. Watson is a young man who is usually seen with Sherlock Holmes during many, many of the best known investigations. Almost all cases begin with Holmes and Watson at the address of 221B Baker Street, London, where Sherlock’s…
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