The Sherlock Holmes ' Theory

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Arthur Conan Doyle, makes the Sherlock Holmes generalized to the worlds and become the most famous detective "Sherlock Holmes" is Holmes ' assistant Watson 's perspective and this book narrative Sherlock Holmes’ reasoning.
Conan Doyle wrote a lot of life stories of Sherlock Holmes, the more famous instance of "A Study in Scarlet", "four signature", "Hound of the Baskervilles," "last case" and more. In the "last case", Sherlock Holmes and his enemies Moriarty fight in the Reichenbach Falls, and they all fall into the cliff. But later Conan Doyle also agreed to the request of readers, so Holmes miraculously resurrected, and then do a lot of well-known case. Whoever read the "Sherlock Holmes" that will be impressed by Sherlock Holmes’ perfect reasoning. I will take, "A Study in Scarlet" This case, to express my views on Sherlock Holmes. The novel beginning with Watson return from the battlefield in Afghanistan, because Watson wanted rent house and met Holmes. When they first meet each other, Holmes would infer Watson had stayed in Afghanistan. This allows Watson marvel. With the development of the story, when Holmes was explained in detail his reasoning out this conclusion the whole process, not just Watson, even I have been impressed by his ability of reasoning. No trace of clues and background, he only meet Watson first time, only with first impressions and observations, in less than one second to get accurate results. This is an attractive opening; Sherlock Holmes makes
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