The Shia 's View On Abu Bakr

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The Shia had an entirely different view on Abu Bakr, and on whom the next successor should be. The Shia’s emerged as a political division over who should lead the community. They believed that Ali, the Prophet’s son in law and cousin, should be the First Caliph. The word Shia quite literally means party of Ali. They wanted to keep the succession well in the family line, and had a tarnished view of Abu Bakr. The believed that Ali was a part of the Ahlul-Bayth -- people of the family or home. The Ahlul-Byath is mentioned very ambiguously in the Quran, and is unclear wether it means family ro larger community. The Shias believe that the Ahlul-Byath was of key importance and meant small, immediate family, which is why Ali in their minds was…show more content…
A sad thought because during the Prophet’s entire life he promoted the idea of unity within an umma and so soon after his death there was a great conflict regarding his succession.

2.) Jihad is the struggle and strive toward an endeavor. The greater Jihad is an internal struggle — first seen during the Meccan period (610-622)— the struggle when being pressured and persecuted. The lesser Jihad (622-632) is more physical and outward Jihad, more relating to violence. Jihad al-Nafs is the struggle with oneself, or soul. The Jihadd al-Saif is the struggle of the soul. The Khawarij’s even adopted the concept of jihad as one of their pillars of Islam (Rahman 37). The Quran describes it as a system similar to checks and balances in which one group has the responsibility to check other groups if they violate there rights and it is their duty to bring them back into correct order. The concept of Jihad has greatly evolved over time, with present day scholars and apologists furiously trying to explain that the term does not mean what many think it does. Presently it has taken a negative connotation and misconception due to the terror committed under this word. Jihad in the Quran in ints 199 references, is most usually referring to “holy war’. However it does not necessarily promote war for no reason, and killings. Jihad became a mean for the umma to defend and expand their society in
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