The Shia 's View On Abu Bakr

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The Shia had an entirely different view on Abu Bakr, and on whom the next successor should be. The Shia’s emerged as a political division over who should lead the community. They believed that Ali, the Prophet’s son in law and cousin, should be the First Caliph. The word Shia quite literally means party of Ali. They wanted to keep the succession well in the family line, and had a tarnished view of Abu Bakr. The believed that Ali was a part of the Ahlul-Bayth -- people of the family or home. The Ahlul-Byath is mentioned very ambiguously in the Quran, and is unclear wether it means family ro larger community. The Shias believe that the Ahlul-Byath was of key importance and meant small, immediate family, which is why Ali in their minds was the right successor. They also believed that the Prophet designated Ali as his successor right before hid death. The Shia’s believed Ali was a morally good human and Muslim, and that his decisions were respected by all. Eventually Ali did become a caliph, the fourth caliph. A member of the Khawarij however murdered Ali. The Khawarij were a group that came into existence during Ali’s weigh, and as a result of the great fitna. They believed that Muslims had ceased to be Muslims since they had compromised with corrupt regimes and were not showing their devotion to God properly. The Khwarij felt it was necessary to leave the original umma. They believed that anyone could be a leader, regardless of social status, familiar ties. This…
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