The Shift Of Perspective Of Wives Views : The Comedy Of Errors

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The Shift of Perspective of Wives Views: The Comedy of Errors

The Comedy of Errors is a significant work of Shakespeare, because it was his gateway to works with more significance, depth, and characters with definite characteristics. In The Comedy of Errors, the character of Adriana is presented. Adriana is best known for being wife of E. Antipholous, but Adriana is also Luciana’s sister. Adriana is so significant in this play, because although this play was a comedy, Adriana’s role in this play is highly emotionally based. Adriana challenges the roles of the standard woman at the time and of a woman in her marriage. Adriana is outspoken and is not afraid to be very opinionated. Throughout the course of the play, she focuses
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Adriana is far from being a stereotypical woman and the fact that Shakespeare actually named her makes her all the more significant. Adriana, in her marriage is far from being a shrewish type of woman. Her character can be depicted as a “raw” character, because she hides no thought or feelings. Adriana is also a character whom speaks often in the play, and in comparison to her sister, Luciana, she is far more outspoken and opinionated. While Luciana can better fit into the status quo of what a woman should be and do at the time, Adriana does not. Adriana and Luciana balance each other out in the play, because of their opposite point of views and personalities.

Through the course of the play, Adriana is concerned that her husband is falling out of love with her and this being her fault. She can be interpreted as a faithful wife, because even though she believes that there could potentially be a loss of love between her and her husband, she is determined to stay and fight for the apparent “lost love”. This shows initiative and decision in Adriana’s entirety of her character. Adriana states,

His company must do his minions grace,
Whilst I at home starve for a merry look.
Hath homely age th ' alluring beauty took
From my poor cheek? Then he hath wasted it.
Are my discourses dull? Barren my wit?
If voluble and sharp discourse be marred,
Unkindness blunts it more than marble hard.

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