The Shining By Stephen King

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The Shining, a novel written by Stephen King followed by a film directed by Stanley Kubrick in 1980 is a horror/thriller narrative filled with many mysteries of its own. Initially, The Shining portrays itself as an average “The house is haunted but no one believes me” story. However, as the plot progresses we learn that there is much more that goes into the big picture. At its core, the narrative is about isolation, psychological problems, alcoholism, and the suspense of an impending doom.
Jack, played by Jack Nicholson, is an average middle-class man who takes on an opportunity to become an off-season caretaker at a large, isolated resort known as the Overlook Hotel. Along with him he brings his wife, Wendy and his five-year-old son, Danny, to spend the winter alone at the Hotel. Regardless of his wife’s cold feet about relocating to such an isolated area during a violent season, Jack, being the decision maker of the family, sticks to his guns. As a struggling writer, Jack believes this job to be the perfect opportunity to take to his writing in a peaceful, serene setting where seemingly nothing can get in his way.
We quickly learn that the Overlook Hotel, as large and luxurious as it is, is not as comforting, relaxing, or even as welcoming as we are initially led to believe. In fact, it almost immediately exudes negative energy, with a violent and savage undertone from the very beginning when the family moves in. Most affected by this, is the son of the family, Danny,…
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