The Shining

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At the time the initial release of Stanley Kubrick’s “The Shining”, several people reviewed the film. In this essay, some online reviews are explained, analyzed and then compared. Reviews by John Bozelka’ argues that Kubrick did a great job of replicating Stephen King’s horror novel. Bozelka maintains that the film could leave one’s room creepy and unfamiliar because of the events and episodes contained. However, he feels that the film was quite empty in the beginning. Bozelka seems to have his own review of the film. He points out that the film changes from being empty to changing emotions engulfed by Nicholson’s character Jack. He feels that Jack’scharacter is presented as weird with a mysterious edge. According to Bozelka, each character in the film sees visions making it hard for the audience to identify the character at any given point.

In addition, from Bozelka’s viewpoint,
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Although he maintained the characters in the film he gave them significant roles in attaining realism connecting the storyline to each character. It seems difficult to produce a horror film, in a sense that one has to possess an “out of the box” frame of mind. Kubrick successfully portrays this in “The Shining”. The idea implemented by the director has set a direction in modern film industries interested in producing scary films. In conclusion, production of this horrific movie is more involving, especially because the script was drawn from the novel. As a result, Kubrick probably had an easier time creating the script for this film. Differences of opinions should be accepted when reviewing a film. The only similarity can come when the review is done on the content of the film. Some critics go to the extent of fetching information about the director and arguing how the production process may be difficult. To conclude, The Shining is a remarkable work which takes watching a horror film to another
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