The Shining Path Or El Sendero Luminoso

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Known as one of the most dangerous and violent terrorist organizations in the world, the Shining Path or El Sendero Luminoso in Spanish of Peru was unique in various aspects. Although now considered a menace to Peruvian society, the Shining Path still remains as a significant reference for revolutionary movements. Living in an age of terror, Peru was a country of disorder and corruption; the road to liberation was a far way to go. For years, demagogic candidates turned dictatorial leaders were filled with an insatiable hunger to fight for power and dominance. They mainly spent money on military forces, drugs, and other frivolous things; yet all failed to simply provide for the people who needed them most. Living was almost nonexistent and an illusion with an impoverished economy. The country remained socioeconomically stagnant. Promises were never made and Peruvians became more desperate, angry, and resentful by the day. Emotions gradually fueled their fires into strong burning passions. This was more than enough to spark a revolutionary movement to eternally live on. No matter how vile and wicked it would resort to, the people were ready. Everyone just wanted to survive. And that was exactly where the Shining Path came into the picture. Despite how unconventional this ‘shining path’ was, it brought a promising future to the voices dying to be heard.
Shining Path was a frightening guerilla force profoundly isolationist and sectlike. The terrorist organization established in

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