The Ship Breaker By Paolo Bacigalupi

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“Ship Breaker”a novel by Paolo Bacigalupi has a futuristic twist that is known to be a science fiction replica of our world. Although my first thoughts of the novel where of a ship that ended up in the middle of an ocean of sand, due to global warming, turned into a fascinating story that gives the reader an unthinkable twist towards humanity and its pity for selfishness. Juxtaposed by multiple life changing disasters (such as melted ice caps and the loss of every costal islands) Nailer, Nita, and Tool will soon come to see the reality of greed and loyalty. Everything starts once a young teen named Nailer who was a ship breaker that salvages parts for money saves a young teen named Nita (a rich and well educated teen who comes from a powerful family). Nita enters Nailers life once a heavy storm takes place where she was cursing. At this point Nailer and his crew were walking along the ocean when they suddenly stumbled upon lucky girl (a.k.a Nita) wrecked ship. Throughout the story Nailer, Nita, and Tool face difficult situations where their beliefs change. They demonstrate that greed is more important than loyalty. Is greed more important than loyalty? Just as Le Guin explains in her article, how we fall within the lies of fake writers, in the novel “Ship Breaker,” every character experiences the truth behind the lie. All the faith of the main characters will be based on desiring their lifelong dream which will be followed either by greed or faithfulness. There whole
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