The Shipm An Older Man Who Walked With The Most Subtle Essay

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The Shipman was an older man who walked with the most subtle of limps in his step. His eyes twinkled when spoke of the sea and of his family. When he laughed, his whole body shook. He was a friendly sort and spoke easily with most of the company, only seeming to become quiet around those he considered vile, such as the Doctor or any that spoke wrongly of a woman or Ethiopian. Some of the company teased him about his quick fingers and how he used them to take wine from the captain’s quarters, and he simply glowed with pride. When it was his turn to tell a tale, the company gathered around eagerly. Each was certain that someone so experienced would know a few great ones. However, an unusual bashfulness came over the man, as if he forgot he would have to tell a tale at all. After a few playful jibes, though, he began to speak. The Shipman’s Tale Many years ago, in a village that was not too different from any other, there lived a poor son of blacksmith named Fendrel who dreamt of being a knight. The other villagers looked down upon the lad for his aspirations, citing his father’s occupation and his mother’s birthplace as their reasons, yet he paid little attention to their scoffing. He trained, night and day, until he was the best horserider and fighter the village had to boast about. Of course, the better he became, the more word of his skill spread throughout the kingdom. Eventually, rumor of a lad already more capable than all of the kingsman reached the ear of the

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