The Shiralee Character Analysis

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The touching novel The Shiralee, authored by D’Arcy Niland, is the story of a rural worker named Macauley, who travels all over Australia by foot and is known as a swaggie. Following difficult circumstances, he unexpectedly finds himself having to raise his child named Buster whilst being a swaggie, which is no life for a child. As Buster becomes a more prominent character, she drives the plot to be more adventurous and heart warming. She follows her father around the outback without complaint and is quite courageous when protecting whom or what she loves. She is a very significant character as she changes Macauley’s perception on life and provides him with a love he has never received. Even though Macauley treats Buster harshly at certain points in the novel, she is resilient and remains loyal to him, which shows her strength and makes people admire her. She is necessary for the novels success because she adds a lot of drama and obstacles to overcome, which urges the reader want to continue on with the story.

The significant issue of fragmented families is highlighted in this novel due to Busters underprivileged upbringing. Buster has been born into a dysfunctional family and she provides a lot of complications for her parents throughout the novel. When Macauley finds that his wife
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She helps in highlighting the issue of fragmented families, she provides a chance for minor characters to shine and brings out Macauleys tenderness and vulnerability. If Buster hadn’t been apart of the novel, it would have made the story of Macauley’s life bland and repetitive. He would have travelled from town to town meeting old friends, taking up jobs, but never settling down or learning that he can’t keep living like this. Buster is an extremely important character, as she changes Macauley’s perception on life and provides him with a love he has never
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