The Shooting of Trayvon Martin at the Hands of George Zimmerman

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This paper will be covering the controversial case of the shooting of Trayvon Martin at the hands of George Zimmerman. This was a polarizing trial for it pitted gun rights activists against gun-control activists and people who were generally against the new gun rhetoric that is in Florida. George Zimmerman was the neighborhood watch for the gated community and would always do his job diligently. However, one night he witnessed someone in a grey hoodie walking on the sidewalk wearing a hoodie. Zimmerman thought this person was suspicious and continued to follow him. After Zimmerman called in that he was following this individual, he was told not to leave his vehicle. Instead, he followed the person into who knows where and the rest of the story is up for debate. The defense team stated that Trayvon had jumped out of the bushes and begun to attack Zimmerman violently to the point where he felt that his life was in danger. The prosecution believed that Zimmerman had initiated a fight with Trayvon and he was at the mercy of Zimmerman at gunpoint for a significant amount of time.
Ultimately this paper would be covering from the viewpoint of a problem statement that states, George Zimmerman outstepped his boundaries by abusing his power. The police told him to step down, but he pursued Trayvon Martin anyways. Zimmerman was partially or mostly responsible to the Teen’s death. The extent of which is still up for debate in social settings. This researcher will also answer

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