The Shootings Of Michael Brown

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The shootings of Michael Brown in Missouri and Eric Garner in New York have recently raised a lot of questions and debates about law enforcement’s operation in communities. The protests and riots of the public, especially of African-American, criticizing racial power imbalances in the United States. Even though the killing of the two unarmed African –American men can be viewed as visible sign of racial domination through coercion and violence, which of course is debatable, there are other nearly invisible practices such as grammar and the ideology of mestizaje(racial and cultural mixing) that are responsible for the production of racial domination. This racial power imbalance is also found through educational, economic, and political forces. The purpose of this paper is to examine through different angles how we absorb racial ideology through mass media and social interaction. I will achieve this by first outlining and summarizing The Invisible Weight of Whiteness and From Trigueñita to Afro-Puerto Rican respectively from Eduardo Bonilla-Silva and Maritza Quinones Rivera. Their arguments denounce white supremacy through various channels showing how people are unable to see things as they really are. I will then note the general effects this ideology has on society and people. Finally, I will link the reasons of this ideology by examining my sources. In doing so, I hope to show why order of things is produced to maintain racial domination. In “The invisible weight of
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