The Short Story Marionettes, Inc.

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Literary Analysis: Short Stories Technology is very essential in our everyday lives because it makes work and day-to-day activities easier. With technology, people can travel to different places and communicate with people that are not close by. Technology is used to help advance our daily lives. Having technology is a privilege but when you abuse the privilege you bring forth a dreadful outcome. The short story “Marionettes, Inc.” shows how technology is a great tool and a privilege to have. It was used to help Braling deal with a situation that he didn’t want to deal with. Braling was “married to a women who overdoes it,” she wanted to be all over him all of the time and it kept getting worse. It’s unfortunate for Braling because he married his wife for the wrong reasons. When Braling married his wife he was only thinking about his business, his mother and father. When you marry someone for the wrong reason there are consequences that you have to deal with and the consequence are not good and it’s not something that you expect to happen. In today’s age when we marry someone for the wrong reason it usually ends with a divorce and a large pay out. With advance technology, Braling went to a company, “Marionettes, Inc.”, and had a clone of himself made. He uses the clone in place of himself to get away from his overbearing wife. He wanted to go on a vacation to Rio. For a while his plan and the clone worked the way he anticipated, but there always comes a time where you’ve
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