The Short Story Of Angela Carter's Burning Your Boats

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Angela Carter is the creator of Burning Your Boats. Hers short stories that her extraordinary talents- as a fabulist, feminist, social critic, and weaver of tales. Her stories consist of short, fairy tales that vary from classic folklore, fairy tales, to stunning snapshots of modern life in all its tawdry glory. In this essay, there will be a variety of stories discussed. The stories that will be analyzed are “The Loves of Lady Purple”, “Penetrating to the Heart of the Forest”, “The Bloody Chamber”, “Wolf Alice” and “The Werewolf”. Between these five stories they talk about feminism in some sort of way. These stories talk about how a woman isn’t so reliant on a man and a woman can do anything a man can do. Meaning, being able to defend themselves or others from anything that comes at them. These stories, also talk a lot about women getting their period and explaining that it’s completely natural and normal for a woman to get a period once a month.
From reading “The Loves of Lady Purple” Lady Purple was no princess of a kingdom, she was no housewife, she was a dangerous woman who didn’t care about anyone except herself. She was, “white as chalk because it was covered with the skin of supplest white leather which also clothes her torso, jointed limbs and complication of extremities. Her beautiful hands seemed more like weapons because her nails were so long, five inches of pointed tin enameled scarlet…” (p. 43). Angela Carter portrayed her as a vampire because she wanted to

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