The Short Term Significance Of De Stalinization On Russian Politics And Society

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"Assess the short-term significance of De-Stalinization on Russian politics and society"
The contemporary materials make it clear that De-Stalinization was quite significant in making an impact of Russian politics and society. It had been put into practise once Joseph Stalin the head of state of the Soviet Union had died in 1953. De-Stalinization had a significant impact on Russia in many ways; it affected Russian politics, society, communism in Russia, the freedom of the country and also Khrushchev. The idea of de-Stalinization was the completely remove the repressive pressure on Russia that was set by the ‘tyrannical’ leader Stalin. Khrushchev believed that Stalin had damaged Russia both politically and socially and wanted to eliminate the mark Stalin had on Russia and its people.
The step taken towards putting de-Stalinization in to practise was taken by Nikita Khrushchev, when he had given a secret speech to the Twentieth Party Congress. His speech consisted of the ‘personality cult ‘and its consequences, where he had spoke about the dictatorship of Stalin and how he had affected the country, the people were shocked by the words of Khrushchev, the man who had worked with Stalin for many years was now denouncing the leader that controlled Russia for 30 years “Since not everyone yet understands what the personality cult led to in practise and what immense damage was done” (₁). The second speech was given in 1961, he speech had taken place in order to introduce

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