The Short-Term Significance of Adolf Hitler on International Relations 1933-1953.

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The short-term significance of Adolf Hitler on international relations 1933-1953. Adolf Hitler, Nazi leader of the Third Reich had a profound effect on international relations from the very moment he became chancellor in 1933 to even after his death and the legacy he had left behind. It can be said that in the span of 20 years between 1933 and 1953 Hitler had huge short term significance on international relations, ranging from his views on the treaty of Versailles, war in Europe all the way through to the eventual split of Germany post 1945 following his death. By 1953 Hitler had a catastrophic effect on international relations, he had left Europe in ruins and effectively sowed the seeds for the cold war between The United States of…show more content…
This quote of Hitler’s was incredibly reliable as it is a Primary source. Hitler himself proclaimed this quote and it drops the hint of his true intentions. Following an attempted Nazi coup in Austria in 1934, Italy, France and Britain agreed to the Stressa front. The agreement was made in order to protect the security of Europe from German expansion and aggression, however this had a huge weakness and played straight into Hitler's hands further fuelling instability in Europe as "Mussolini wanted to pursue Italy's imperial destiny."- [8] This gave rise to Hitler's personal ambitions of territorial gains in Europe and by now he had found a sense of alliance with Mussolini's Italy, an alliance that would have a huge bearing in the years to come. As tensions grew in Europe Hitler realised that Germany must be restored to it's former greatness and this meant the reoccupation of territory that had been lost in the Sudetenland, the Rhineland and an Anschluss with Austria. Hitler wanted to bring all German speaking populations under one Reich and conquer living space for the Aryan Germans. In 1936 Hitler made his first claims on territory, ordering 22,000 foot soldiers into the Rhineland in direct defiance of

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