The Short Triad Assessment

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The Short Triad assessment, is a different personality trait test from what I usually take. The assessment focuses on the dark side of a person’s personality. The three main traits discovered: narcissism, machiavellianism and psychopathy. The results are record by the answers on the questionnaire. The answers are ranked as Disagree, Slightly Disagree, Neutral, Slightly Agree and Agree. From there the results are broken down into percentages/decimals based on the three different traits. My results ranked 2.7 Narcissism, 1.7 Machiavellianism and 0.7 Psychopathy. Before, this assessment I never knew the meaning of Narcissism or Machiavellianism. Narcissism: A person who is in preoccupied with their self/self-image. It’s known that these people
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