The Short and Unique Life of Chris McCandless

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Young people think and act differently at times due to different circumstances. Jon Krakauer has written a book about a young, stubborn, unique, idealist named Christopher John McCandless who was also known as Alexander Supertramp in Into The Wild . Chris was in a pursuit of a meaning life. Krakauer never wanted to prove to readers that Chris did the right thing but he just wanted to let them know how unique Chris McCandless was and how and why he chose to live that way and how he died unexpectedly. Nothing is impossible or nothing matters are some of the quotes young people follow in mind. Jon Krakauer states I thought climbing the devil’s Thumb would fix all that was wrong with my life. In the end, of course, it changed almost nothing. But I came to appreciate that mountains make poor receptacles for dreams. And I lived to tell my tale (155).
This shows that Krakauer could relate to Chris. He thinks that he was young and intelligent and had many misperceptions of young. According to Krakauer, had Chris survived, he would have gracefully matured, forgiven his loved ones and interacted with society and world in a different way. Even Emil Nagengast voices her opinion by saying that “ he wouldn’t have dies pathetically in an old bus ………perhaps as an author, and he would have become far more famous than he is now as the dead hero of an inspiring…

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