The Shortage Of Nurses With The Aging Work Force

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Many countries worldwide are suffering from a shortage of nurses within their healthcare facilities such as hospitals, walk in clinics and personal nursing care. It is very important to address the effects of shortages of nurses as a significant factor of the medical industry and the negative outcomes it will have on people who seek medical attention. Further discussing how the shortage of nurses correlates with the aging work force which is causing the low number of nurses in Ontario. How can we resolve the issue of new nurses entering the work force against the increasing number of retiring nurses who don’t retire on time? Why are majority of nurses employed full time instead of part time and is that the reason why many leave the…show more content…
Nurses played an important role during the war and nursing soon became a profession rather than just volunteer work. In 2002, The World Health Organization announced declining numbers of nurses and brought attention that this issue needs assistance to prevent negative outcomes affecting patients directly. “Later that year, the WHO went on to publish Strategic directions for strengthening nursing and midwifery services, which provided a framework of five key result areas to guide Member States in enhancing their support of nurses and midwives”(World Health Organization, 2010). The World Health Organization addressed the issue of declining numbers or nurses at the beginning of the century and it continues to decrease as the years have passed. Nursing was created as a profession due to the after effects of the great world wars, which was one of the main motive for the Governments in different nations to initiate and support nurses in terms of education, healthcare facilities and jobs. During the early 20th century when the World Health Organization alerted the shortage of nurses since than the health of each patient was at risk for not receiving the satisfaction of their treatment which they would need in order for their health to improve.
Reasons for Shortage of Nurses
There are many disadvantages of having a declined number of nursing staff within
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