The Shortage Of Water For California

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In recent years there has been so much talk and propaganda regarding the ongoing in drought in California. Scholars argue when the exact start of the drought was, but I believe that it started in 2007 because rainfall has fallen below average since then. Droughts occur because the quantity demanded of water does not meet the quantity supplied which leads to a shortage. The drought has impacted not only everyone in the state, but also the ecosystem. While there are many reasons why there is a shortage of water in California; today I will touch on three of them, the lack of precipitation, increase in population, and wasteful water use. In my research I will report on these three reasons and look at possible solutions for this most recent dismal event in California.
The average rainfall for California is XXX but in more recent years that has not been the case. Since 2007 Californians has seen below average amount of rainfall, especially in 2013 where only 7 inches of rain fell. That is about 4.6 inches less than the second lowest recorded rainfall year which was in 1898. In addition, California has also been experiencing above average temperatures. The combination of low amount of rain and high temperature equals a recipe for disaster. There is also a decrease in snow level in the Sierra Nevada. Snow is important to many different people from agriculturalist, recreationalists, to municipalities. I will discover and report how the lack of rainfall, snow, and high temperatures
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