The Shortage in the Supply of Clean Water Is a Looming Crisis in Some Regions of the World.

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‘The shortage in the supply of clean water is a looming crisis in some regions of the world.’ Discuss the causes and consequences.

1. Introduction
Water shortage has been a worrisome problem facing the world. We mostly live in water-rich countries washing dishes, watering plants and taking a shower, it’s hard to imagine or realize there will be inadequate water supply for the world one day. Water is a finite resource such that the amount of fresh water supply provided by the hydrological cycle will not increase. Water occupies 71% of the world’s surface and is an integral part of the global hydrologic cycle which includes like precipitation, evaporation and soil moisture. Without this hydrologic cycle, even a human being cannot live
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Therefore, pollution lowers the quality of water and reduces the amount of water available for use.

d. Poor water management
Although the supply of water in the world is limited, water shortage can still be avoided by better water management. However, some responsible agency did not take proper actions to conserve water. For example, water leakages are not properly prevented with regular maintenance of water containers and water distribution systems. Also, the number of water tankers or any other water related facilities are not adequate to store water for future use and the sewage treatment system is not well operated and supervised to prevent water being contaminated by pollutants and water can be reused. Fines should be imposed on anyone who wastes this precious source on other unnecessary areas as well as industries which continuously emit toxic substances to pollute water in order to punish them for the misuse of water and educate them to conserve water. Dams or other constructions should also be built to reduce flooding. After all, poor water management will speed up the occurrence of water shortage and become a threat of our life to us.

e. Increasing water consumption
The ever-growing water consumption of people leads to water shortage by wasting water in other needless areas. In our

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