The Shortcomings Of Allopathy In The Western Medical Paradigm

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The Shortcomings of Allopathy

In the Western Medical Paradigm, the average doctor practices on the philosophy that medical conditions (such as cancer and arthritis) are independent of their hosts, and that by designing a controlled therapy or prescribing the right pill, he can provide relief or yield an effective cure for his patients. Essentially, "Western" or Allopathic medicine is focused on targeting the disease or injury rather than building a strong foundation of health for the patient.

Aside from being potentially dangerous, this ideology is faulty for two main reasons; it gives life and character to the patients' affliction, thereby failing to address biochemical individuality (and possibly scaring the patient into worse health,) and it fails to acknowledge that the human body functions as a series of complicated systems, all of which
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While some of us do realize the dangers and general ineffectiveness of synthetic drugs and supplements, the vast majority of people don't understand that even natural methods of treatment, such as herbal remedies and nutrients can still be a roll of the dice in regards to effectiveness, even though there are usually far less severe side effects.

Each of us has a unique metabolism, a characteristic set of biological conditions (such as DNA, past experiences, living conditions, and behavioral patterns) that determine our needs for certain nutrients, our risks for certain diseases and injuries, and the efficacy of drugs and supplements. With the seemingly general lack of awareness of this fact, the amount of misinformation out there and the conflicting nature of scientific findings, any one of us looking for greater vitality and longevity can easily find ourselves take shot after shot in the dark, until maybe stumbling into something that works. (If we're
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