The Shortcomings Of Health Care In Developing Countries

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Healthcare, especially in developing countries, is an important part of everyday life. People are treated for illnesses each and every day in healthcare facilities around the world. Inadequate healthcare, on the other hand, is one problem that people seeking medical treatment should not have to face. “More than 200 million children worldwide under age 5 do not get basic health care, leading to nearly 10 million deaths annually from treatable ailments like diarrhea and pneumonia...Nearly all of the deaths occur in the developing world...according to Save the Children's global report” (qtd. in 10 Million Children). Citizens of developing countries need to be able to access stable medical practices that will help reduce the potential for widespread disease. While inadequate healthcare is not a new issue in the world, sufficient healthcare, for developing countries, should be a focus of developed countries. Shortcomings in healthcare have been around since the beginning of time. Healthcare involves the medications available to patients, treatment options, medical personnel, and medical equipment. Before all of that, a building is needed to hold and power it all. Now that the world has iron lungs and successful methods of amputation, the medical practices of the past appear barbaric. Developed countries in the 21st century have cures to a variety of diseases, established and safe practices for most medical situations, and guidelines to follow in each situation. In developing
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