The Shortcomings Of The Vertical Health Care Program

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Mason Nylander

Professor Robert McNeill


June 4, 2016

The Inadequacies of the Vertical Health Care Program

Considering all the health concerns that public health physicians must be cognizant of,

why does a vertical public health program seem so attractive and interesting? A vertical public

health program directs most of its expertise and resources from health organizations and

concentrates it on a single health issue, typically eliminating a particular disease. The usual

strengths of vertical programming include the clearness and sustainability of its goals and thus

progress is measurable without difficulty. A common and perhaps major weakness to the vertical

health approach is that it deters
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The latrine was the core representation of increased hygienic conditions for the campaign,

and therefore was a major element of hookworm elimination success. However, for the local

populace, constructing them was time-consuming and expensive, which were never considered

in the public health initiative plans. In fact, most of the local Java population refused to build the

latrines because eventually they would flood during the monsoon season (Stein 550). This proves

that vertical programming fails to alter suitable interferences and interventions to the population

of interest and puts the organization’s (in this case the Rockefeller foundation) priorities over the

local populace. The vertical programming method enforces the health organization’s ambitions

on the population of interest and demands that they embrace their practices. Vertical

programming frequently suffers from a lack of participation, community input, buy-in, and

commitment. Even after three decades, the hookworm infection rates declined only slightly

(Stein 551). Though the strength of vertical programming is that it diverts time and resources to

high-priority health concerns, it might also be considered a weakness because the health concern

deemed high priority by the public health initiative is not always the same as that within the

targeted community (in this case the Java populace). Therefore, public health physicians should
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