The Shortcomings of College Education Essay

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The Shortcomings of College Education

"The more we know the world around us, the more successful we will be." This quote, from the introduction of my high school chemistry book, was my driving force as a teenager to attend college. My expectations of college were to gain insight into a world that I had not yet discovered. I had high aspirations of receiving a good education and obtaining a good job when I graduated. But four years later when graduation day arrived, I felt unfulfilled. In evaluating my education, I realized that I learned how to get good, but not great grades. I learned how to study to make the most of my time. The focus I shared with many of my peers was not always to appreciate the information received, but rather,
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This approach focuses on the importance of quality curriculum and the need for revision so that it consists of learnings that students find enjoyable and useful. The classes in college are intended to broaden the student's outlook on life. This is the goal of general education. When the information is not applicable, the motivation to learn decreases and the only incentive to attend class is because class participation is weighted on the final grade for the class. Instructors ought not to be dispassionate, thus, translating that same lifelessness into the students.

Another significant interference is the bias that overcomes teachers. This is affective two-fold. First, teachers are biased on the subject matter they teach. Lynne Cheney gives very accurate accounts on the bias that exists in reputable universities throughout the country. When a student learns that getting a good grade means doing as the teach says, this is a disservice to the student's education. A student from the University of Pennsylvania is quoted to "just do what ever is necessary to get a good the talk and walk the walk" for the instructor (Cheney, 17). Classes like these, where the professor and teacher assistant impart their own ideologies and expect to have them regurgitated right back, do not educate college students. It is, rather, an embarrassment of one's intellectual ability to not be allowed to explore various ideologies and theories
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