The Shortening Leash By Jessica And Hanna

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For the past few decades, the development of technology and the expansion of the knowledge has enriched our life, especially for our childhood life. However, relatively speaking, kids now are getting less freedom than the past due to the world has more potential dangerous such as the increased rate of abduction. Dealing a complicated problem with a very simple violent way may result in a worse impact in the near future. Because of parents excessively protect their own children and outside world is too horrible to play alone, more and more kids lost the opportunity of touching the nature, instead they indulge in the virtual world created by electronic products. In the story “The Shortening Leash”, Jessica and Hanna give us a relatively accurate and unbiased information about the situation that kids now lost freedom a lot according to the board surveys and three statistic graphs. While they mentioned that we are not supposed to latch our kids due to over-protection. Otherwise, let children pursue free exploration is not equal to stop your ear to them.
In the article “The Shortening Leash”, which publishes in, Jessica Grose and Hanna Rosin describe the children today have much less freedom in the childhood than their parents and the possible reason why this happens. According to board surveys for asking about what parents did in their childhood and what they allow their own kids to do now indicate that childhood criterions have changed violently over a generation.

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