The Shortfall Of Available Nurses In The Healthcare Industry.

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The shortfall of available nurses in the healthcare industry Noora Alsalmi Barry University Abstract In recent years, there has been increasing pressure on nurses in hospitals due to the fact there is no enough nurses in the US public and private hospitals. The causes that drove nurses away in the health industry are a lot. The low payment, the hard work condition, and the increasing complex health technology are some examples of these causes. This report has discussed the problem in details and how it is growing and wild spreading around the world. The report also has listed some of the reasons to this problem which many researches and studies have concluded. Finally, the report provides the most effective solutions…show more content…
The population in the western countries are over 65 years old which means there are many elderlies who require a high-level of health care which puts more strain on the health system (Hicks, 2005). A good health care includes an adequate number of the available doctors and nurses to provide the care that is needed by patient. Th nurses ' shortage combines a range of issues that include: sharp population growth in several states, a shrinking pipeline of new students to nursing, an aging workforce and a baby boom that will require intense health care services (Sprinks, 2014). Furthermore, the current shortage in the available nurses in the hospitals puts more pressure on the current nurses, which makes them more prone to make medical mistakes that can affects patients badly. The causes for nursing shortage are many, such as; poor work conditions, inadequate resources to do nursing research and to improve nursing education, and the aging nursing workforce is one of the causes (Snow, 2009). Moreover, the high complexity of health care and health technology is increasing which makes the nursing profession seems more hard and complicated for many college students to major in. Considering this problem, this report is offering a range of solutions. For example, a significant increase in nurses ' wages can be
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