The Shot Boundary And Classification Of Digital Video

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Shot boundary and classification of digital video is most important step for effective management and retrieval of video data. Shot transitions include abrupt changes and gradual changes. Recent automated techniques for detecting transitions between shots are highly effective on abrupt transitions. But finding gradual transition is major challenge in the presence of camera and object motion. In this paper, different shot boundary detection technique has studied. The main focused on to differentiated motion from various video effects noise, illumination changes, gradual transition, and abrupt transition. Specially, the paper focuses on dissolve detection in the presence of camera and object motion
Keywords: Shot boundary, Gradual transition, Abrupt Transition, Video Retrieval

The advances in the data capturing, storage, and communication technologies have made vast amounts of video data available to consumer and enterprise applications [1]. However, interacting with multimedia data, and video in particular, requires more than connecting with data banks and delivering data via networks to customers, homes or offices. We still have limited tools and applications to describe, organize, and manage video data. The fundamental approach is to index video data and make it a structured media. Manually generating video content description is time consuming and thus more costly to the point that it’s almost impossible. This is because of the structure of video data,…
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