The Should Not Be An Nfl Football Player

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When were young, we dream of what we want to be when we grow up. Some will say, a police officer, a firefighter, a movie star, a doctor, and maybe even a teacher. There are probably many other choices, but mine was to be an NFL Football Player. This is not a dream I share alone as many other youths envision this dream too. So, we go out to parks and play the great American sport and pretend to be our favorite player. Growing up a Cowboy fan I would always pretend I was NFL great Emmitt Smith. So many of our youth still do the same as I work at an elementary school and here kids all the time at recess yell out football term such as “O’DELL” when a great catch is made, or “HOUSE” when some is apparently going to score a touchdown without contest. These action bring joy to my heart and tears to my eyes. This feeling is short lived though, as the Recess Supervisor usually ends the game because it is not a recess permitted activity. After it has concluded I ask myself “why is this game that promotes fitness so bad that they cannot even play it in a structured time of day that promotes physical activity?” The answer lies in the topic of a big social debate on youth football and its safety. Recent, I watch a episode of South Park that addressed this. Many social issues are viewed in this show in an entertain way. The episode show how parents growing concern over the safety of the sport lead to the modification of the game in an event the show called “ Sarcastaball” in which the…
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