The Shouldice Method

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The Shouldice Method

Dr. Earle Shouldice and his method of hernia operations and recovery methods are discussed. The discussion includes techniques pioneered by Dr. Shouldice, and the founding and operation of a facility bearing his name and utilizing his methods.
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The Shouldice Method
The Shouldice Hospital Limited case consists of the story of an Ontario farm boy who grew up to significantly impact the lives of thousands of hernia patients. Dr. Earle Shouldice grew up to become a prominent lecturer at the University of Toronto, ran a private medical and surgical practice, and was a successful researcher (Heskett, 2003, p. 1). He performed an
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Nurses were divided among the operating room, laboratory, supervising for hospital, and central supply. Because of the ease of care, turnover rates for nurses were surprisingly low (Heskett, 2003, p. 4-5).
Nineteen full and part-time surgeons split a load of 30-36 operations per day at about 3-4 operations each. Typical operations took only about 45 minutes for initial operations and 60-90 minutes for recurrences which would allow a surgeon to complete their day in time for lunch. Surgeons would perform patient examinations on non-operating days and would only be required to be on call once every ten weekdays and once every ten weekends (Heskett, 2003, p. 6). While the surgeons were well trained, a more experienced surgeon was always available for complicated situations. A full-time surgeon with 5-10 years of experience received a starting salary of about $50,000 with possible bonus based on profit and performance. Part-time assisting surgeons were paid 51% of the $60 fee charged to patients. The sole anesthesiologist was paid $300 per day to supervise all five operating rooms and administer general anesthesia as needed (Heskett, 2003, p. 7). Surgeons were typically happy at the hospital but not all would be interested in performing these precise and typical operations forever.
The facility itself consisted of two buildings; one building was the hospital and the second was a clinic. The hospital contained a

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