Last Man Standing Feminist Theory

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The show ‘Last Man Standing’ is an American show about the Baxter family. Mike Baxter and his wife, Vanessa, have three daughters, all of whom are living at home. Mike, living with four females, is trying to maintain his masculinity. Within episode nine of season one, a new couple moves into Mike and Vanessa 's neighbourhood. Vanessa meets Rebecca while out for a walk and invites her and Charlie over for dinner. When Mike answers the door to see that Charlie is actually a female, he is initially put off by the couple being lesbians. During the course of dinner and conversation, Mike hits it off with Charlie and is impressed by the similar interests they share. Mike and Charlie become pals and make plans to go riding, while Vanessa and Rebecca go antiquing. After riding, the two come back to Mike 's to drink beer and watch the Broncos’ game. The two of them were throwing jokes back and forth at one another, when Mike accidentally insults Charlie and she goes home. Throughout this paper, I will be critically evaluating the show ‘Last Man Standing’ using queer theory and feminist theory to illustrate how the themes of heteronormativity and gender roles are evident in this particular episode.

Queer theory is based on the idea that heterosexuality is the norm, when in reality it is just what some people believe is normal. It suggests that an individual 's identity does not determine who the individual is as a human being. Some people in society feel that being a non-
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