The Sickle Of Sickle Cell Disease

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Sickle cell disease was discovered in 1910 in the United States. Many cases came to surface after that, and it was clear that sickle cell disease is predominantly common in the African American ethnicity. Sickle cell disease is caused by a mutation in the hemoglobin of red blood cells. The most common, known sickle cell disease is sickle cell anemia. There is no cure for Sickle cell disease, but there was a treatment that help relieve pain, prevent infections, and prevent organ damage. A drug called Hydroxyurea could be used to increase the production of fetal hemoglobin during pregnancy. Bone marrow treatment, is when stem cells are removed from one person to another person. Cord blood with stem cell transplantation, can replace someone’s abnormal stem cells with a donors stem cell.
Signs that show when sickle cell is present is when anemia starts to show in the blood cells and they become weak to where it breaks apart, periods of pain where the blood is unable to flow to the vessels which causes joint pain, and recurrent infections because sickle cell can damage organs that help fight off infections. Sickle cell was a trait that was inherited by one or both parents. The shape of a normal red blood cell is a disc-shape that looked like a doughnut, whereas a sickle cell has a crescent shape. An individual that inherited the defective gene from both parents had the sickle cell gene and is homozygous. If left untreated, usually the person would die in their

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