The Side Effects of Cosmetic Surgery

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The Side Effects of Cosmetic Surgery

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Kirsten Ringstrom
April 14, 2009

Table of Contents

1 Introduction
2 The History of Cosmetic Surgery
3 The Trends of Cosmetic Surgeries
4 The Risks of Cosmetic Surgery
5 Conclusion

Throughout recorded history, a pale complexion has nearly always been more fashionable than a tan complexion because pale skin represents a woman who does not have to labour outdoors. So, most non-white women probably wanted to be whiter and they sometimes underwent cosmetic surgery to make themselves attractive. Every woman expects to appear to be young and vibrant, and many have turned to cosmetic surgery to achieve their goals since women have had the notion that
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In the past few years, there have been several shows about cosmetic surgery such as “Extreme Makeover”, and “The Swan”. MTV has also started targeting young adults with shows such as “I Want a Famous Face”. These kinds of shows have contributed to much of the popularity, increasing the number of surgeries performed.

The Risks of Cosmetic Surgery

What kinds of risks are patients taking by getting cosmetic surgery? The first and most important risk is dissatisfaction. Many people go into cosmetic surgery with high hopes and often come out dissatisfied. With cosmetic surgery, patients never can go back to the way they looked originally so patients have to understand the risks and limitations to make sure they are doing their best choice. There are many other risks which patients are taking by getting cosmetic surgery, such as postoperative complications with anesthesia, wound infection and internal bleeding(Snodgrass, 2006). The dangers of cosmetic surgery will increase or decrease depending on the types of surgery performed. One of the most common dangers in cosmetic surgery is scarring. Jayashree Pakhare (2007) reported that “it is closely related to suture reactions and wound healing capability.” Some other dangers in cosmetic surgery are bleeding, infection, and blood clots. Cosmetic surgery risks also involve complications in the outcome of the surgery. Mayo Clinic staff (2008) emphasized that patients can get a higher risk of
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