The Side Of A Mountain Home

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Reflecting back, I have always thought that I had a never normal life and community that I have had throughout my life time. Original from Dunbar, Pennsylvania where we called the side of a mountain home. I lived in Pennsylvania till I was about seven years old. It was still always considered home. I lived minutes away from my grandparents, cousins, aunts, and uncles. I was always seeing my family no matter what. The community was much closer. Everyone knew everyone and even who your parents were. It was just a close family and community life there. But I can look back and remember that there really wasn’t any one of any other ethnicity other than white. There could have been a few families but I had never seen them too often. There were…show more content…
That seemed to be what usually happened now and then. It also affected the community because this attitude the students had towards African American students in class. There was a big vandalism that had happened in my community that wasn’t too far from my house. It had a lot of crosses and religious sayings on them. Along with other forms of vandalism on the house. But no one had really talked or addressed these things so no one had talked about it. Which made it not change and just stay the same. So, I had always heard these things talked about in such a way until I had come to Bluffton University. When looking more into where I am from and the things that I have witnessed from my communities that I have grown up in. One big thing that I do remember is when I was in high school. The story about some students/kids were putting crosses with religious sayings on it to be racist to the African American family that had moved in not too long before that. This was pretty big in my community because even knew who did it but no one said anything. It was just something that people did and you either agreed with what they did or you just didn’t talk about it. A lot of kids in my school thought the same as the ones that vandalized that families home. So, this really shaped me into the person that I am and how I approach certain topics. I really don’t express my opinion at all. So,
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