The Sides and Roles of Slavery in America

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The Sides of Slavery Slavery played a large role in this country. Americans in this time period didn't find slavery wrong or immoral. Slaveowners didn't view black people as humans. They were closely compared to animals. Due to this attitude toward slaves, they were treated brutally. Very rarely did slaves escape to freedom, but Frederick Douglass was one of the few that did. He was one of the first to write about his experiences as a slave. He helped reveal the extent of slavery and awoke many to the moral unjust of this crime. This story is one that every American should read. Its about the life of Frederick Douglass, born a slave but escapes and becomes a free man. In this journey he is faced with many trials and struggles. As a child he grew up never meeting his father and had his mother die at a very young age. He moves to Baltimore later in his life where he is taught to read. Education for slaves is frowned upon. They try to keep slaves as docile as possible. But Douglass finds ways to educate himself. When Douglass begins to be more resistant toward the slave owners and even attempts to escape, he is sent to a special slave breaker, where he is punished heavily and beaten often. At some point Douglass snaps and fights the slave breaker, Mr. Covey. After this fight he is never whipped again. After many attempts, he manages to escape to New York and succeeds Hutton 2 in becoming a free man. At
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