The Siege Of Fort Ambercon

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We placed the heads on a pallet and sent them back to the two that lived to Fort Ambercon. The eyes, tongues, fingers, we put in baskets; sent them down the Asheulot to the Cherokee. Soon after, the Cherokee broke their treaty with the French. That's how we justified it. We were heroes."(There is no fort wilderness, fort Charles is actually a Port Royal, Kingston, Jamaica, Fort Ambercon never existed, and the Asheulot River is in New Hampshire. The real history is that the Indians began attacking British settlements in Blue Ridge 1760 which was in Virginia and Carolina which began the siege of Fort Loudoun, this ended in a British massacre when the British did not keep an agreement, and the South Carolina militia responded with a campaign which Francis Marion participated in, and they mainly destroyed Indian villages.)…show more content…
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