The Siege Of Jerusalem And Post War Diaspora

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Jews are perhaps the greatest race to grace the earth. The Jews have overcome a lot of challenges in their time on Earth as a civilization. Perhaps, their biggest challenge came in 70 A.D. against Rome. The Jews were living under The Roman Empire, and for the most part, they coexisted under Agrippa I, but when he died, their differences started showing. The Romans no longer understood the Jews and their status in the community, and the Jews felt like the Romans did not understand. In 66 A.D., revolts started breaking out in Jerusalem. These rebellions scared the Romans because other Roman cities might’ve rebelled as well. So, they had no choice but to react. In 70 A.D., they broke through the walls of Jerusalem, massacred the Jews, and tore down the temple. Despite being 2000 years old, the siege of Jerusalem and post war Diaspora directly influenced the Jewish communities in the modern era. The Jewish community got used to having no place to settle thus, the Diaspora was created. Thousands of the Jews in the Roman Empire, after the revolts and the destruction of the temple, were sent to toil in the Egyptian mines, and others were sent throughout the Roman Empire ( That was the beginning of the diaspora that Jews would know today as life. There were a lot more Diasporas in Jewish history prior to the Roman siege of Jerusalem, but none as significant as this one. This Diaspora was so significant because it directly influenced the Jewish community

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