The Siege Of Petersburg

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The Siege of Petersburg occurred from June 15-18 1864. However, it was actually a series of battles fought around Petersburg from 9 June 1864 to March 25, 1865. This was to be a evolving era for the military, society and how the two would affect each other. During this era, new tactics and strategies would be tried, changed and adopted throughout future wars while others would fail miserably. Your position in society would usually dictate your position on the battlefield. Even though your position in society did not qualify you as a leader or good decision maker as several outcomes of this Siege would prove. This may very well have affected the outcome of new strategies and tactics. Had better decisions been made on the battlefield some of the failed attempts may have been successful. Many of the tried strategies and tactics were sound in theory but failed in execution.
Military and Society The Siege of Petersburg was the last encompassing battle of the civil war in which 82,000 of the total 620,000 Soldiers of the Union and the confederacy died. If this battle had happened to date at the same proportion that would be an estimated 6 million Soldiers from today’s army, which in turn the U.S. Army would cease to exist at the completion of the battle. With a battle of any sort and even one in today’s age, the military and the civilian population react and are affected in a variety of ways. The Southern states known as the confederates were supporters of…
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