The Siege Of Yorktown During The American War

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The Siege of Yorktown
The Siege of Yorktown, otherwise known as the Battle of Yorktown or the German Battle, was the final and deciding battle in the American War for Independence. This blockade of American and French troops took place in Yorktown, Virginia, hence the name entitled to this bombardment. Led by George Washington, a Virginian Commander-in-Chief, the Continental Army traveled south out of Williamsburg to surround Yorktown. Aided by French General de Rochambeau, this organized military force clashed against British General Lord Charles Cornwallis and his troops of 9, 000 men. On September 18, 1781, the last major battle in North American of the American Revolution began. On this day, General Cornwallis chose Yorktown, the mouth of Chesapeake Bay, as his base due to its deep harbor, which allowed reinforcements to arrive by ship. Fortunately for the Patriots, Admiral Comte de Grasse and his French fleet departed Saint Domingo, a French colony or modern-day Haiti, to the south of Chesapeake Bay. There, he defeated Admiral Thomas Graves, who was supposed to deliver the reinforcements to Cornwallis, at the Battle of Virginia Capes. As a result, George Washington realized that it was time to act and ordered Marquis de Lafayette, a French aristocrat and a military officer, with his troops of 5, 000 to encircle Cornwallis in Yorktown, while the French naval forces blocked his escapes by sea. With another plan in mind, the Americans and French dug a trench closer to…
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