The Sierra Club 's Political Program Essay

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The bulk of The Sierra Club’s stances and viewpoints are rife with notions that display the liberal agenda of the organization. Environmentalism and the changes needed to be made to support it are none other than liberal perspectives. As, conservatives, such as blue collar workers and oil companies, are afraid and threatened by new legislation to protect the environment. So naturally, the conservatives oppose such changes in order to continue their operations and not succumb to new environmental measures. This idea is found within the erstwhile Grand Canyon Campaign, in which The Sierra Club compromised with the Bureau of Reclamation in order to save the Grand Canyon from flooding. Though, the bureau still got their power in terms of coal power plants. However, the liberal agenda can be identified most apparently within the various acts of legislation the pushed through to get passed. “The Sierra Club’s political program is dedicated to electing clean air, clean water and climate action champions at all levels of government” (Funk & Wagnalls New World Encyclopedia 2016). These Acts dealing with air, water, and other subjects like endangered species, has led to various implementation of regulation within society. The idea of regulations are more liberal as they trust in the government to help take action with these acts rather than a conservatism view in which they believe the government should not be so intrusive. However, despite The Sierra Clubs political spectrum, it is
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