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The Signal As I searched the archives of Georgia States The Signal Newspaper, I stumbled upon some very derogatory columns and some rather moving columns. I had to take under consideration the current year and background of each published paper before evaluating each piece. Almost everything was written by current students who had no hesitation when sharing opinion. The first article that caught my attention, written by Conway Jones who is currently a pastor at a baptist church, titled “If You Don't Like Albany, Then Stay Out,” which was an article in which he was replying to. He has plenty to say for instance Jones states, “HOWEVER, OVER in "nigger-town" the poor, underprivileged Negroes were attending one of the most modern and the first air conditioned schools around.” Here he…show more content…
Coe’s opinion on the recent student marches to the state capitol. He strongly disagreed with her when stating, “In her non-intellectual attempt at fitting these marching students into her preconceived role as general "dissenters and protesters", she exhibited a very characteristic attitude on our campus.” Clark then quotes Coe by writing, "I was too busy with my work and studies to become concerned about the activities of a small number of malcontents.” Clark then rebuts: Beware of the Black man. For no matter how long you prolong it, one day you will have to reckon with him. I think that "freedom", the word you said was stamped on a trojan horse, were it to be uttered by an enraged and indigent "nigger" clutching a machete at your doorstep one day, would have new meaning to you then. In the name of Jesus, or anything sacred to you, hear his cries and open your heart to him and the rest of your fellow men.
I was moved by Clarks words knowing that at the time, it was not the most popular opinion. Furthermore, I enjoyed reading both articles because they portrayed personality from each author, and the image of black people in the
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