Essay on The Signalman by Charles Dickens

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The Signalman by Charles Dickens 'Halloa! Below there!' …… A small expression that once understood strikes you with an essence of alarm, fear and intrigue. Throughout the short story of The Signalman, this quote was used several times and was repeated by several characters. Coincidence? Charles Dickens invites you to decide. This dissertation from For the duration of this half term we have studied numerous short stories from the book Telling Tales. Throughout this period, we have developed our skills of assessing characters (characterisation), identifying language style and structure plus various others, and I will try to use my newly developed skills to answer our assigned question. Ultimately, we came…show more content…
Dickens always enjoyed reading and writing stories of the supernatural, although he was sceptical about the existence of ghosts, odd psychological states and paranormal experiences fascinated Dickens in his earlier years, and that made it a welcome challenge to write the story about the signalman, who has premonitions of a terrible accident, in which he himself is eventually killed. Dickens also wrote a number of other short stories in his time, these include H.S. Canby, The Short Story in English, and The Public Readings.cofb fbr sefbfbw orfb fbk infb fofb fb! The Signalman is set in the nineteenth century, a time when supernatural powers were still believable so someone reading this at the time would feel more of the pressure. The 19th century was a time when religious belief was almost universal and extended to all sorts of additional beliefs in fate, the supernatural, ghosts and monsters. The Short story exploits the supernatural only to scare and entertain. The story was written with the intention that it would entertain people of Dickens' time, either by being read out at public gatherings or by one person reading it to entertain another. In all of his books Dickens felt that setting was of great importance, he based his work on Shakespeare, by creating a setting where everything depends on the character. For example in The Signalman, the reappearances of the spectre depend on the signalman being there. We are unsure to the exact
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