The Significance Of A Historical Society

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The Montclair Historical Society or the Montclair Historical Center as it will be called in 2017, is a nonprofit organization promotes preservation, study and appreciation of local history. It was originally founded in 1965 to save the Israel Crane House, a Federal Revival style landmark home built by a local entrepreneur in 1796. It was relocated from Glen Ridge Avenue to its current location on Orange Road. Located next to the Israel Crane house’s new location is the Nathaniel Crane House. Built about 1818, it was donated to MHS in 1973 and together, the two Crane Houses served the public as a historic house museum, museum shop and space for demonstrations, lectures and classes interpreting our area’s past. As I learned from my classes, the mission statement of an institution works as a guidance to lead the institution to attain the communities’ needs and to bridge the gaps between the societies and the museums. It is noted that the mission statement of the Montclair Historical Society is a very inspiring, effective, compelling, and measurable. Additionally, the vision is inclusive with their mission statement to identify the future goal of the MHS. “The mission of the Montclair Historical Society is to PRESERVE, EDUCATE, and SHARE. We PRESERVE our local history through our historical buildings, artifacts and documents. We EDUCATE the community on local history and its importance through programs, advocacy and exhibits. We SHARE the stories and history of the various
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