The Significance Of Knowledge Management

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Many organizations in the public sectors now understand the significance of knowledge management in optimizing their operations. This realization comes from the fact that organizations have to rely on people’s ability (mental and physical) and technology in establishing itself for a new economy. Organizations in the public sector are knowledge-intensive organizations and poor knowledge management practices eventually leads to high operational cost, as a result of lost institutional knowledge, knowledge gaps and poor decision making. (Luen and Al-Hawamdeh, 2001).
Knowledge management is the ability of organizations to effectively utilize and maximize the expertise, knowledge and competencies of its employees considered assets
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• Identify the appropriate knowledge management models, tools and techniques relevant to PTFP. applicable
• Identify limitations to the application of knowledge management, models, tools and techniques in PTFP
• Propose recommendations to improving the knowledge management practices in PTFP.
In order to document a well comprehensive report, research will be done using journals, articles, literature reviews, online resource publications and newspaper to get detailed information on:
• Nigeria Power Sector practices and processes.
• Stakeholder organizations involved in the M&E process done by PTFP
• Knowledge management practices in public sectors.
• Knowledge management models, tools & techniques. appraisal

The Presidential Task Force on Power was established by the President Goodluck Jonathan administration in June 2010. Its main objectives were to drive the implementation of the reform of Nigeria 's power sector, bring together all the agencies that play a vital role in private sector investment in the power industry. It also has the mandate to monitor the planning and execution of various process and projects in generation, transmission, distribution and fuel-to-power that are critical to meeting the stated service delivery targets of the power reform roadmap. ( 2013)
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