The Significance Of The Israeli Antiquities Authority

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Regardless of selling the work anonymously, we advise that confidentiality may be not absolute and we recommend reporting any potential sale to the Israeli Antiquities Authority (hereafter, “IAA”). Below is an analysis of your questions. I. Antiquities Authority Law of 1989 and the identity of a grantor of the antiquities has no effect on the fact that ownership, movement, and sale of the pieces is regulated by the Antiquities Law of 1978 and State of Israel’s ownership thereof. The Knesset passed Antiquities Authority Law, 5749-1989 (hereafter, “the 1989 Law”) on July 24, 1989 for the purpose of creation and governance of the IAA, which is responsible for enforcing the Antiquities Law, 5738-1978 (hereafter, “the 1978 Law”). The 1989…show more content…
Nevertheless, you will still need to obtain approval the Director to legally export the wooden fragments for sale for the reasons discussed in the Previous Memorandum. Therefore, the boat’s discovery in 1986 – three years prior to the enactment of the 1989 Law – does not exonerate it from the compliance with the 1978 Law. Moreover, whether you received the antiquity from the IAA or from the founders does not affect the ownership, because the 1978 Law provides any antiquity found post 1978, is deemed to be the property of the State of Israel. Hence, the wood fragments belong to the State of Israel. II. The punishment for selling antiquities without approval of the Director is likely a six-months imprisonment OR a fine of 30,000 pounds. The absence of your name on the documents and the absence of knowledge of the law will not release liability in case of a dispute. According to the Law of 1978, the punishment for selling antiquities without the approval of the Director is generally an imprisonment for the term of six months or a fine of 30,000 pounds. However, if the IAA will decide that you are a dealer (although this is unlikely, as discussed above), who did not have a license to sell the pieces, you will be liable to imprisonment for a term of two years or a fine in the
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