The Significance Of The Temple

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The symbolism of the temple as well as the implications of the Temple specifically unto the Jewish believers played a significant role in the life of the nation of Israel. The restoration of the Second Temple allowed Israel to continue its ancestral worship of God in the ways which were prescribed by the Tanakh as well as the Talmud. The Temple was the epicenter of worship and seen by the majority of the Jewish people as the most effectual manner by which to reach God and His favor. The Temple was a binding icon to which the nation of Israel looked for the symbolism of God’s favor unto themselves.
Part I
History of the Second Temple Period

Persian Empire There are entire sections of history during the Second Temple era which are largely blank due to no data. However, we have some evidence of the changes that were going on and a good deal of indirect evidence of what began during this period. During the Persian period of 538-323 BC, the areas of Palestine and the rest of the Near East (Mesopotamia) were under the domination of the Persian Empire. Cyrus II was the king and had defeated the Babylonians for control of the Mesopotamian area. Cyrus encouraged the repatriation of exiles and rebuilding of shrines including the Temple of the Jews in Jerusalem. He wanted all of the exiles from Judea to be able to return which then ushered in this new Second Temple era. This Persian period was seminal in the development of Judaism. The Jewish nation was again…

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